Saturday, January 3, 2009

Comic Book Resolutions

[Industry] - we will not hike the prices on comics, in fact we will try to figure out ways to lower the cost of comics

[fans] - we will not continue to buy books which we no longer enjoy

[DC] - we will not have another crisis this year

[Marvel] - we will stop issuing every collected edition in hardcover first

[DC] - we will respect the fact that Watchmen does not need a sequel...or a prequel

[Si Spurrier and Frazier Irving] - we will finish Gutsville this year

[Warner Bros.] - we will not make a bad Green Lantern movie

[Ed Brubaker] - I will continue to be amazing

[DC] - we will put out trades of Chuck Dixon's Birds of Prey and John Ostrander's Suicide Squad

[Marvel} - we will put out trades of Gail Simone's Deadpool

[Frank Miller} - I will retreat from public life and live like a hermit, sparing the outside world my 'vision' and opinions

[John Byrne] - I'll follow Frank's lead

[Alan Moore] - I'll come out of hermitage and produce a work that will make people forget Zach Snyder's Watchmen and weep before its glory. It will net me a Pulitzer and change the world, if only a little bit.

[Barak Obama] - I'll lead America to new prosperity, reclaiming the esteem of the world and providing inspiration for a better life for all... also, I'll proclaim my love of comics whenever possible, mandate that libraries carry graphic novels, and supplant Kim Jong-Il as the most powerful geek on the planet.

[Image] - We will endeavour to solicit mini-series accurately, more often as quarterly, rather than monthly, setting proper expectations.

[Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt] - We will have more Damned this year

[Greg Rucka] - I'll give up on Batwoman and go back to Queen and Country

[Some HBO or FX or Showtime executive] - We will fill the void of TV mediocrity with a kick-ass Queen and Country adaptation.

[AMC] - We will acknowledge that we should never have attempted to remake the Prisoner, but promise fans will be pleasantly surprised.

[Boom Studios] - We will make Pixar comics that are so dang good and so incredibly affordable that they will draw tens of thousands of new, younger readers to comic books.

[DC/Marvel] - we will finally figure out this whole digital comic thing.

[tech industry] - we will make an affordable, portable digital comic book reader, like a color version of the Amazon Kindle.

[fans] - we will finally figure out if we prefer our comic books to arrive on-time but with fill-in art teams, or if we would rather have our stories done all by the same team whenever they get around to finishing it up.

[James Turner] - you will see my follow-up to Rex Libris this year and you will be amazed.

[mainstream] - we will take more risks - which does not mean more death, swearing or nudity - making better stories, and increasing readership.

[on-line media] - we will pay equal attention to books that aren't produced by DC or Marvel, focussing on what's good, not hype.

[YOU] - will enter your Comic Book Resolutions in the comments


Devon Sanders said...

I will post on this blog and Thor's Comic Column on a more consistent and timely basis.

samax said...

as a [fan] i already covered all the resolutions you listed. example, once i decided i thought Final Crisis was boring, i didn't buy even a single issue. i also prefer the good creative team over fill-ins, however, that's why i prefer the OGN over the monthly (that hurt to admit)

now, on to my resolutions:
* i will try harder to find good indie comics rather than complain about marvel and dc.

* i will read more comics online.

* i will self-publish more this year.

Scotus said...

- I will try and be more upbeat about the state of comics, no matter how hard reality fights me on this.

- I will sample at least three new comics a month, ideally ones not published by DC or Marvel.

And here are a few more I'd like to see from DC:

- While we may not currently be able to lower the price of comics, we will acknowledge how expensive they are by cutting out the unnecessary crossovers and weekly series.

- Once Morrison and Miller finish up their respective runs, we will declare the All Star line dead, and admit it was a bad idea in the first place.

- We will not let Judd Winick write another issue for us until he does more Barry Ween.

Jon said...

*I WILL spend less on toys

*I will learn the lessons of the past 15 years, and read Previews in a timely manner and order stuff rather than my usual trick of just hoping it appears on the shelf (which it usually doesn't)

Bill D. said...

I will stick to my guns and not buy $3.99 Marvel and DC books (I understand that indies need to charge that much sometimes, so I don't mind that quite as much, but I still better get considerable bang for the buck), instead waiting for the trades or the cheap bins at a show.

Jeff said...

As for your [fans] entry: SHYEAH RIGHT!

As much as I live by that rule, everyone around me seems to be buying everything they can lay their eyes on coming from DC and Marvel, disapproving the whole time, and then complaining about them the whole time. Instead of saying they don't like it by not buying it, they tell the companies "Hey, I'm gonna buy this no matter what you do, so keep screwin' us. I'm startin' ta like it!"

I'll believe it when I see it.